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Executive Leadership

I am _________________________


I am the __________________________ of ______________________________



I have been appointed and handpicked to produce success by satisfying my customers' vision and needs through creativity and strategy. (John 15:16)


I will remain in position as the head and leader and not the follower. I am destined to be on top, never the bottom.

(Deut. 28:13)


Because I was built to lead-strength, power, grace, integrity, dignity, and wisdom follow my decisions from thought, to strategy, from strategy to implementation, from implementation to sustainability. God is first in all that I do including my business and if He is for me, no one or nothing can be against me.  (Romans 8:30-31)


I have guaranteed favor and protection over everything I do, in every area of my business and every vision that has been given to me. (Deut. 28:13)


My character and business model is established on solid morals, justice, faith, honesty, understanding, empathy, wisdom and knowledge, all of which will create a strong legacy and sustainable future. ( Prov. 16:12, 29:14, 28:2)


My team is a reflection of me. I will treat them how I expect to be treated. (Matt 7:12)


I will lead with action and on purpose! I will lead them like Jesus led by modeling and creating healthy and clear communication  (Matt 23:1), instruction (Luke 11:1, Matt 11:1, 21:6), safe spaces and genuine connection (John 6:3, Matt 26:20), positive and uplifting environment where testing and correction promote understanding & growth


I will strive to nurture my team on every level (John 6:51, Matt. 15:36), provide them with intentional and quality time focused on development and growth(John 3:22),  create a place where their thoughts, ideas, concerns, and challenges will be heard and valued (Matt. 19:10) and promote an environment charged with empowerment, creativity, support, inspiration, and commitment to both personal and professional growth.  (Luke 9:1)


I am a _____________

I am a natural-born leader

I am ___________________

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