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Episode 1 : What Last Year Taught Me : Bye 2021! Hello 2022

2021 like every year is filled with both ups and down for everyone! It’s our responsibility to make sure we learn the lessons! For me 2021 blew my mind in the best and the worst ways. One of my biggest highlights was becoming Google's PA Digital Coach. When I started completing my 2021 Vision Planner, in the Professional Development portion I wrote down " explore becoming a business or brand coach". To be honest with you "explore" really meant, let me just put something here so I said I had some kind of vision. Never in my wildest dreams would I think I'd skip exploring and be seated and accepted amongst 19 other coaches across the state, led by a dynamic national coach for Google!!! 2021 also was a caregiving year for me. Some of my most beloved and favorite people went through some great health scares. I don't play about my family so it was family first for me and boy was it challenging but I was glad to be able to be there. I also learned that it was VITAL for me to grow a team so my business didn't have to shut down for months while I focused on what mattered most to me (thank God we didn't sink but He kept us relevant and desirable)

Here's a recap of my 2021 Lessons : Heal and forgive yourself & others ✅ Standards & boundaries are critical to your growth yet challenging to enforce & uphold ✅ Even when it seems impossible, never stop believing for and in what God said ✅ Ditch your plans and just trust God FULLY

✅ Prioritize and cherish those who mean the most to you ✅ Keep going to therapy even if you think you’re good. This consistent outlet means consistent healing ✅ You can’t always be prepared for whats next but you can ALWAYS prepare your heart, mind, and posture to TRUST GOD

I ain’t always right and there’s lots of room for growth, apologies, grace, and maturity ✅ When God says exceedingly abundantly… He means it ✅ Things happen suddenly and unexpectedly, pivot and shift swiftly ✅ You only get one body, take care of it well “No” is a great word, proper usage is liberating

It's not too late to gather your 2021 lessons up.

What have you learned about yourself? What lessons have challenges taught you this year? What ways have you gro

wn? Where are you stagnant? How have you seen God move or be present in your life this year?

My Wish For You In 2022

May this new year be full of valuable lessons, goals and dreams fulfilled, your hearts desires met, and your faith and hope secure in this ever changing world we live in!!!!

Thankful for the good and bad of 2021 & ready to see what 2022 holds for me and mine and YOURS!

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