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The Executive Power Bundle Includes : 

  • 2023 Executive Vision Planner- 15 power-packed focus areas designed for a top-tier, all-inclusive planning experience with custom stickers, a pocket folder, a pen, and more
  • Level Up Executive Mode All Natural Candle 6oz all natural soy candle in our Signature Scent designed with notes to stimulate your senses and activate your executive mindset.
  • Access to the Exclusive Level Up Portal Scan the QR Code on your candle for executive prompts, prayers, affirmations, & resources designed to help you attain maximum success.


See all the planner details below: 



The Must-Have Planner for Small Business Owners, Visionaries, & Entrepreneurs 


The Executive Vision Planner is not your typical planner. It’s your playbook—a tool that contains everything you need to plan and execute the vision in every area of your business. This planner will produce clarity and greater confidence within you,

Your Executive Vision Planner Consists of 15 focus areas:

  • Power Words
  • Goal Setting (Personal, Financial, Business, Self Care)
  • Quarterly Goal Planning
  • Monthly Goal Planning
  • Self Care Plan
  • Professional Development
  • Financial Plan
  • Social Media Engagement & Content Plan
  • Customer Engagement & Marketing Plan
  • Command Center includes 12 Monthly Snapshots including Power Words, Goals, Task and Project lists
  • Weekly Wins includes 24 hour time management block system, weekly goal setting & task list
  • Event Planning Guide with  event plan templates
  • Forget Me Not – Highlights and Accomplishments Tracker
  • Jots & Thoughts Journal Pages
  • Custom Stickers
  • Planner Pocket to hold your important notes & documents 

2023 Executive Power Bundle

Excluding Sales Tax

    CANDLE: 6oz all-natural soy candle in our signature scent designed for you to level up in Executive Mode when needed.

    PLANNER:  100+ pages, gold spiral bound, matte hardcover with gold foil stamped design, gold protective corners, gold elastic band, pocket folder, and 2 custom sticker pages with gold pen in our signature Executive Planner Box.

    PAPER: 68LB Accent Opaque with no bleed-through with 5 motivational dividers and laminated tabs for each focus area

    SIZE: 6 x 9 Pages Printed

    DATES: Undated, Start Using at Any Time!

  • Executive Power Bundle will ship ready mid-Dec and email notifications will be sent when delivery is on the way. 

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