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Parallel Lines

Reach Customers Online

With Google

Access the resources for today's workshop and feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, and/or success stories



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Soleil Meade 

CEO, Soleil Branding Essentials 

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Set Up Your Google Business Profile

  1. Open new tab in the browser

  2. Sign into your Google account 

  3. Click this link -

  4. Type In The Name of Your Business 

  5. Enter the  business category that best fits 

  6. Add Your Location

    • If Physical Location, Select Yes: Add Address ​

    • If Service Bases, Select No : Enter Mailing Address  ( This will not be public) 

  7. Enter Business Contact Info

  8. Verify Your Business 

Image by Solen Feyissa


Manage Your Business Profile

  1. Open a new tab in the browser

  2. Type your business name in the Search Bar

  3. Edit Profile 

  4. ​Add Attributes using the "More" tab​

  5. Add Photos & Videos

  6. Create Posts & Updates

  7. Access Your Reviews

    • Review and respond to reviews 

    • Find & Share your link to "Get More Reviews" 

  8. Check your Profile Performance 

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Today's Handout

In addition to your printed copy , you can also access today's handout here

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