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Parallel Lines

Optimize Your Energy
For High Performance

Access the resources for today's workshop and feel free to reach out with any questions, feedback, and/or success stories



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CEO, Soleil Branding Essentials 

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Complete the Energy Audit

  1. Open new tab in the browser

  2. Sign into your Google account 

  3. Click this link -

  4. Select Make A Copy 

  5. Complete Audit

Image by Solen Feyissa

Mindfulness Recommendations

Calm App - 

Headspace App - 

Thought Diary - helps you keep track of your thoughts and even walks you through reframing negative/challenging thoughts 

Pinterest Board - Act as a source that holds positive quotes, pictures, etc. that remind you to be mindful and aware - you can create one for challenges and another for goals and motivation.

Time Management Tools

Break Timer - app that reminds you to take a break - 

Toogl or Clockify  - tool that lets your track your time so you become more aware of how you’re spending it - 

Executive Vision Planner -  time blocking planner

Grow With Google Tools

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Tonight's Handout

In addition to your printed copy , you can also access today's handout here

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