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2023 Executive Vision 


Everything you need to master 2023

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I'm so glad you're here!! Not only did you commit to your vision for 2023, but you also went the extra mile to become a part of this exclusive Executive Power Squad.  One great lesson I've learned over the years curating and perfecting this planner is that INTENTION always wins!  This Executive Power Experience is crafted to provide even more ways for you to be intentional about your goals, vision, thought processes, decision-making, self-care, and more.



So let me tell you how the Power Bundle came about. For the past few years working in my planner was always routine. Sundays were designated as planner time. I'd usually take my planner and go to Starbucks or somewhere for a few hours with my favorite drink and quiet time.  As time went on and we established our Executive Vision Cohorts, I'd spend Sunday evenings with the team. Before meeting with them, I'd always set the tone for our time. I'd light my favorite candle and mentally reflect and get into a space to listen, share, and envision. 

There was something significant about shifting from work mode to executive mode. When in exec mode, your mindset is focused on working on the business, not in the business. I knew that executive mode was a space where I needed to assess, address my challenges, express the lessons learned, identify areas of growth, make necessary decisions and changes, and so much more. 

This is why I created the Executive Power Bundle! I wanted to help you prepare for Executive Mode. This page is exclusive to Executive Power Bundle holders so be sure to scan your candle or bookmark this page for ease of access. 

  • Grab Your Planner 

  • Grab Your Pen 

  • Light Your Executive Mode Candle 

  • Put Your Favorite Focus Music On (mine is classical) 

And let's get to work! 


Executive Affirmation

Access SBE's scriptural based leadership affirmation which is perfect to encourage, motivate, and remind you of your greatness and the purpose that lives inside of you.


Executive Prompts

As a visionary, sometimes it's hard to get our thoughts straight as there are so many ideas swirling in our heads. These prompts will help bring clarity and focus. 


Executive Reflections

Access several downloads that will support you in maintaining executive self-reflection regularly like debriefing, gratitude, habit tracking, and more 

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